What You Can Expect from Us & What We Expect from Ourselves

Survival.Deals is comprised of a group of talented enthusiast and dedicated professionals from the survival, emergency preparedness, disaster relief and tactical industries at a variety of levels; Federal, State, Local and Non-profit.

We understand having a preparedness plan is critical and the right products are important but let’s face it; saving money today has become the new survival. As the economy struggles so does your ability to prepare for the future. Additionally we found that:
  • Prices are too high (no one should pay retail anymore),
  • Finding the right products is too confusing,
  • You waste hours browsing hundreds of websites,
  • Which companies can you trust, and
  • When will you find the best price?
With your help and support we're building a marketplace for trusted US companies to offer their best deals on preparedness, survival, disaster and homesteading products. It's a community of survivors that love to save. Whether you’re looking for food, water, medical, shelter, sanitation, emergency kits and more you’ll find the products you need and prices you expect.

Survival.Deals is free to join and easy to save.

Survival.Deals is dedicated to serving others, building businesses in America and built on two foundations:

(1) Delivering Value

For consumers we offer the largest collection of merchants and products in Preparedness, Survival, and Homestead with highly discounted products and a trusted source for information. All of our merchants are vetted and verified by us personally before they can begin selling products and services. Additionally, although merchants or businesses are posting using our platform, we support you throughout the whole process.

For businesses we offer a unique low-cost, high-traffic marketplace or platform to sell products and services. Our inexpensive marketplace and robust marketing channels allow merchants to reach your specific and intended audience (not just PPC mud slinging) and sell large quantities of products for a fraction of the traditional cost; fees are roughly 15% of total sales compared to the industry average of 15-35%. Our platforms allow businesses like you to create your own webstore and manage all steps of the sales process; from product posting to interacting with customers, streamlining order fulfillment and increasing your customer base by maintaining all sales information.

Nowhere else will you find such a collection of businesses specifically trying to capture your attention and pocketbook by offering their best deals ever. But due to the low prices, they go quick.

(2) Fostering Relationships

The quality and trust of relationships we foster between businesses and consumers make us a prime and profitable marketplace. Consumers can trust our vendors are vetted and deliver on their promises and purchased products. Additionally, we support purchasers in their relationship with vendors.