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Rockwell Water

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The Best Water Storage Money Can Buy!

Strong, high quality BPA free and UV Resistant construction which you will feel safe storing your family's emergency drinking water in. If you have food storage, you need water. To be prepared for an emergency you need a safe, convenient water storage solution like these 250 gallon tanks. They can hold about as much as five 55 gallon barrels, but only take up 1/3 of the floor space! Over-designed by 6 times to ensure your tank holds up under many circumstances.

If you've had 55 gallon drums before, you know you would need something like a hand pump which can be so inconvenient, that most people don't rotate their water yearly which can lead to bacterial growth. Our tank only takes up 5.5 sq. feet! It's narrow enough to fit through a doorway, and it fits great in utility rooms, garages & storage rooms. Our tanks have two gravity fed drains, making water rotation easy, with removable handles to prevent children or pets from accidentally opening them. Made from FDA grade plastic which doesn't transfer chemicals to your water like other tanks.